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We make sure that all our children are given chance to discover and develop their hidden sports skills.
At the moment we are still offering soccer, basketball and Netball, but we have hope to add more games.
Many underprivileged children have been able to be enrolled in good secondary schools due to good performance in sports activities and they have done well for their schools during tournaments or competitions

Min Basketball Tornament



This works together with the Support the needy children program in the school. It handles children who are underprivileged. Under this program, we support education, accommodation to the homeless in form of boarding school, feeding them, giving them health support and provision of other basic needs.
The children under this program, are helped through Primary and after that we try to get connections with secondary schools which give them bursaries according to their talents and some are taken due to good performance in PLE results. But these children still remain under our monitoring.
After O’level, we emphasize the joining of vocational training colleges to enable the children become job creators than seekers.


This program involves different activities such as animal husbandry and crop husbandry.
This program aims at skilling our children with different skills in areas of agriculture where we are sure that it adds a lot to the future of the children.
We give them skills in poultry and goats rearing, growing of both fruit and leafy vegetables.


Girl Up program works according to the regulations of Girl Up Uganda. Our club is called Girl Up Kisowera club.
Under this club, we try our best to help both boys and girls get knowledge on avoiding gender violence, Understand that all humans are equal, support girls to gain confidence and to promote the girl child education. This program brings together all children under our support program at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions. Under this program, our children get chance to interact with other girls from different places and share different experiences of life which encourages our children who were starting to feel like it’s getting to the end of the road.